The CoolBags are Coming! The CoolBags are Coming!

As the late Paul Revere once said, “The CoolBags are coming!  The CoolBags are coming!”  Okay, well maybe that wasn’t exactly how it happened, but we do know if Paul Revere were around today he would ride through the streets and exclaim, “The CoolBags are coming!”

We received our first shipment of CoolBags this week and have been working around the clock to fulfill the shipments from all Kickstarter backers!  It has been a long process with many twists and turns, but soon you will have the greatest bag known to woman (and man)!!

Once you get your CoolBag, you will ride through the streets of town telling everyone, “The CoolBags are here!”_DSC0163

January Update

Hey CoolBag Backers –

post_january_update_2We visited our manufacturing partner and have approved the final colors and design this week. Now it is off to full production! The finished CoolBags will be posted in the final colors on our website very soon.  I must say they are vibrant and perfect for what we wanted.  Our manufacturing company has done a fantastic job with our design and we are excited to get them into your hands over the next 60 days. Make sure that you have picked your color from our backer survey and if you may have missed that, please reach out to us as soon as you can.

Stay Cool in Life

– David