February 8, 2019

I just received my CoolBag Gen 2, and I am impressed by the quality and functionality. I give a 5-star rating to their customer service for their prompt response, ease of ordering and fast delivery. I will use my beautiful CoolBag on my next beach vacation in the spring and will post a compréhensive review then.

Christine – Toronto, Canada

July 13, 2018

I love my coolbag my husband was in the hospital and that is what i took with me to keep up with my stuff i like it because it has a lock on it.

Susie – TX

July 13, 2018

Guess what we brought to the beach!! We’ve used it everyday. Cooler on the bottom, room for valuables, snacks, etc. (locked to a wooden beach chair or pool chair) plus it can be carried like a backpack!

Karin – OH

May 5th, 2018

Fabulous beach bag and cooler all built into a single bag! There are many great features built into this bag but my favorites are the concealed combo zipper lock and the reinforced handle. Great for the beach and/or taking along on your day excursions while on a cruise! The locking handle gives you the ability to attach the bag to any heavy object and know that your belongings will be safe and secure while you’re away from your bag!

Sports Mom

May 5th, 2018

Just bought this bag at a local festival and I love it! Has everything this paranoid mom needs! Lots of security, a place to keep our drinks and food cold, a backpack option(which is very important to me), really strong Velcro, and plenty of pockets to help with organization. Makes traveling with food allergies much easier. I highly recommend it! Owners of the company are also very friendly and knowledgeable.

Amanda B – CO

March 25, 2018

“Really excellent solution for travel security”

We purchased this bag before a beach trip two years ago, and couldn’t be more pleased with it. The [somewhat] stiff fabric is because the fabric is cut-resistant, and is a major factor in why this bag is so secure. The weight is not much more than other beach bags with extra pockets that I’ve owned, despite the bottom compartment being cooler-lined. The locking straps work as advertised.

We left this locked around our palapa on a busy beach and spent the entire day in the water with absolutely no worries, for three days straight. Of course, we stayed within an area where we would be able see someone attempting to access it (which never happened), and took it with us when we left the beach for any reason or length of time, but that’s just common sense. We did take this along to the beach where we snorkeled, locking the straps to the metal railing of the patio at that resort, and felt really comfortable swimming 300 meters out to the reef.

We’ll be taking this on our 2 week adventure this summer. It will be my “personal item” on the plane, lightly filled with only essentials needed for the flight (if it were filled, it’s big enough that you’d have to say it was your carry-on).

A. Kowski

January 11, 2018

“It does it all!”

This is a great bag. I was surprised how LIGHT this bag is. While it is heavy duty it is light weight. Yes, the velcro is VERY strong and I sure with time that will get easier. At first I thought it seemed a bit smaller than what I was looking for but it is VERY roomy. It is a well thought out lay out. I wish they have not done velcro all the way across the tablet pocket, but its not a big deal. The zipper and lock are very high quality and the straps are very comfortable (both sets). I can’t wait to use this bag on my next trip

International Moma

19 August 2017

Went on vacation, used this bag to pack a 17 inch laptop and my I-pad Mini. used on the beach to secure and love the cooler on the bottom of the bag.. do get one for yourself.  Can attach it to the carry on luggage and has straps for a back pack too. LOVE iT!


18 August 2017

WOW!!!!! This bag is absolutely incredible. So well designed! Easy to use. I’ve been carrying it everywhere I go! The security features are the best! And I love love love the cooler underneath. The color is fashionable and goes with everything. I got the RED one! Thanks CoolBag. You knocked it out of the ballpark with this one!!!!!!

Val – CO

17 August 2017

I received my Coolbag that I purchased today. When I opened it I was very surprised about the quality of the product. The material is all they said it would be. I chose the dark blue to go with my other travel bags. I then tried the locking handle and set up my own combination. My vacations will be a lot less stressful when leaving my items locked to the papala hut or at the pool loungers. Thank you Coolbags I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. CoolBag I hope you start a line of smaller everyday bags, maybe pocketbooks that can be locked in carriages! Thanks you again…


11 August 2017

I absolutely love this coolbag i use it everywhere I go. It is very helpful when traveling. I can walk away knowing that my stuff would be safe and secured. I would recommend anyone to buy this bag. I got the bag in black and had our last name in bordered on it.

Troy A

10 August 2017

I ordered this bag for an upcoming cruise. I have not yet used it; however, I have tried it out at home and can’t wait! The multiple outside pockets will allow you to carry items that have a lower chance of being taken conveniently at your fingertips such as water bottles, books and magazines. These could also be used for phones and tablets when your bag is in front of you such as waiting in line or at the kids games. The locks will provide protection when your bag is unattended or out of sight such as under a chair or even when walking down the street from pick pockets. Don’t forget to wrap your handle and lock it to chairs at the beach even if you are sitting in the chair. This is the main way they get your stuff and you are literally on top of it when they do it! I am excited I can now enjoy the water and the sun knowing my bag and contents will be in the same place I left them.
This would also be a great bag for kids to keep their items in while at practice,games, or tournaments if they have to leave valuables unattended. I wish I had this when my son played baseball to keep his glove in between games at tournaments.


31 July 2017

I own two Coolbags. Gen 1 and gen 2. I really love my gen 1 bag but gen 2 is absolutely phenominal! I would recommend the purchase of Coolbag gen 2 to everyone. The security of the cooler, the puncture proof zipper, everything has been enhanced. QVCs price of $99 is unbelievable!

Chey B

31 July 2017

Recently, took the Cool Bag on a getaway to Mexico with me. I initially used the bag for what it was advertised for, and the bag worked perfectly. I was able to leave my bag locked to the benches while I went for a dip in the pool or ocean without worry of my phone or room key being taken thanks to the zipper lock. I would notice if someone walked away with my bench.
The bag was the right size for my girlfriend and I to bring everything we needed for a day at the beach. Towels, books, sunglasses, headphones, and snacks all fit in the bag. We were able to get additional uses out of the bag too. The bottom portion that acts as a cooler was able to keep our suntan lotion and sun burn gel cool all day while we were at the beach.
Additionally, the bag was great as a carry on for the airplane. While we were in transit on the bus the bag was perfect to keep our passports thanks to the lock and we did not have to worry about being pick pocketed while on the bus. I would recommend this bag to anyone even for just the local public pool, but we loved it for international travel too.

CoolBag User

30 July 2017

I have this bag in hot pink. I use it for everything and everyone who sees it wants one too! It goes to work with me and I can pack my lunch in the cooler section with my drinks for the day! My niece is getting one for a diaper bag to keep the babies milk cold. There is so much room for everything else and I never have to worry about it getting stolen or broken into. I have taken on plane trips, and it holds my computer and everything I need but it counts as a personal item because of its size and slides easily over my luggage. My favorite thing to use it for is motorcycle trips. The pocket slides over the sissy bar or can be bungee attatched. Our drinks stay cold on the hotest days and again no one can steal it !

Becca – CO

30 July 2017

The Coolbag is a pretty neat and convenient product. I’ve coached my daughter’s softball team for years, and always bring two Coolbags to weekend tournaments. One bag is filled with snacks for the day, and the bottom cooler with drinks. The other bag has our extra clothes, shoes, hats, suntan lotion and my prized baseball glove. I feed the locking handle through the chain link fence of our dugout, and hang them up for easy access throughout the game. Between games, back to the car to re-stock, and then on to the next field. Works perfectly. Also great on the boat for pleasure cruising and fishing trips. I’ve got three of them !!

SoftBallDad – IL

30 July 2017

Love to dip in the ocean but concerned about my “things” on the sand. Love the locking handle and the ability to secure my stuff around the palapa. Nice bag, lots of compartments.
Beach goer – CO

30 July 2017

Very well thought out and very well made. I love that my iPad fits in the inner pocket and that my belongings can be secured with the combination lock. My favorite feature of this bag is the locking handle. This is a great bag!


29 July 2017

I fell in love with CoolBag as soon as I heard about them, but once I got the bag, I don’t leave home without it! Whether we are heading to the park, the lake, or somewhere far away, I always have my CoolBag in tow. The cooler pack keeps our drinks and food cold, and the lockable zipper means I never have to worry about my phone, laptop, or keys being stolen. The best part is the removable security handle. I can hook up my bag to any stationary object like a chair, bench, or tree, and spend hours away from my things knowing that nothing will be stolen! It’s such a relief for summertime water activities. I feel safe knowing that I can leave my valuables and not worry. I can’t say enough great things about this bag, and rave to everyone I meet about it! Best bag ever.

Morgana – CO

17 May 2017

I live at the beach and this Coolbag could not be anymore convenient!! I ride my trike to the beach often and the basket in the back WAS always packed full with my old beach bag, cooler, and chair. Well, not anymore because I said goodbye to my cooler since my new Coolbag has a built in cooler! I was also always very skeptical of keeping my old beach bag (which held all of my personal belongings) stored in the back in fear that a passerby could easily pull my bag right out without me even knowing. Now I secure my new Coolbag by locking it to my bike basket and not have to worry anymore! I can even run into a store or stop for a drink while at the beach and leave my Coolbag and bike both locked up! If I’m by myself I leave my Coolbag locked to my chair and also secure my belongings inside by locking the zipper with the built-in combination lock and go swimming without the worry of it being stolen! This bag can also hold LOTS of stuff and is very sturdy! Not only will I be using it for my beach days here at home, but I plan on taking it with me on any future travels as well! Thank you Coolbag for coming out with my new favorite beach bag and travel bag!!! I absolutely love it!

Courtney – Virginia

5 May 2017

I travelled with your bag this weekend. I actually used the “bottom/blue ice” part for a puffer jacket, scarf, etc. (because I was flying from CA – 80 degrees – to Denver – 30 degrees!) This is THE BEST bag EVER. Seriously! Thanks so much!

Sandra – San Rafael, CA

2 January 2017

Love the Gen1 CoolBag! Got it to use for recent beach vacation. Worked great for carry on. Was able to use this as my “personal item” and take a rolling bag along as well. Was able to go without checking a bag by using this. Got in black to draw less attention. Can carry a ton of stuff. Very well constructed. Used as my beach bag once I got to my destination and works great as a cooler for cocktails on the beach.  The bag itself has excellent construction and a thermal lining. Looks like it will last a long time. Didn’t need the lock but handy to have. .


6 December 2016

I purchased a Gen1 CoolBag as a Christmas gift for my mom, for an upcoming cruise we are taking. Therefore it hasn’t been used yet, but it looks very well built and sturdy.  I just want her to be able to get a stroll or go to the pool without having to look every 5 seconds to see if her stuff is still there.  I mean, it’s not a bag to just leave alone for a long period of time, but it takes the hassle off of lugging your stuff around if going to a quick trip to the restroom, or if you want to go to the pool, or go get an ice cream while on board, or even when on port and enjoying the beach.

It is a big bag.  It will easily carry many items such as towel (if needed), books, magazines, refreshments, lotions, tablets, phones, wallets, headphones, etc. etc.


14 November 2016

If you love the beach and love to get in the water this is a must have. I typically go to the beach alone and I must say I can leave my bag now without a worry in the world. I don’t go far but I go for a mini walk or in the water without always watching my bag. Love it

TMoney -Florida

4 September 2016

The Cool Bag is fantastic. Keeps beverages cold and holds plenty beach or pool gear. I have started using the bag as my carry-on as it is the perfect size to hold a lot but meet airline requirements. However a word of caution, don’t leave the wine opener in the secrete cooler compartment, TSA becomes very confused when they can see it on the x-ray but can’t find it in the bag which results in some extra special screening for you and the bag. I am looking forward to the day I am playing in the ocean with my family and see some confused criminal running down the beach with my Cool Bag locked to a beach chair. Great idea, great quality, great bag.


Toby- St Augustine, FL

1 1 July 2016

We received our CoolBag just in time to bring it on a recent trip to Antigua. It was the first vacation I didn’t once need to worry about our personal items. By far my favorite bag for travel and honestly just around the city. We live in downtown Chicago, and being able to secure a bag is unfortunately  a necessity vs luxury these days. I have already purchased another 3 CoolBags for gifts!

Marisa – Chicago, IL

10 March 2016

This is the best beach bag ever! I purchased my Cool Bag for a trip to the Philippines. I wanted a beach bag that could lock so that we could go swimming at the same time without having to worry about our money and belongings on the beach. This bag was absolutely perfect for that! We were able to put all of our stuff in the Cool Bag, lock it to a beach chair or palm tree, and then snorkel together for hours without having to worry. The lock feature was very easy to use and made a huge difference to our trip. One of the best features of the Cool Bag has to be the separate “secret” cooler compartment that is built into the bottom of the bag. This cooler compartment is big enough for a bottle of 2 bottles of wine or about 6 beers. It is insulated so it keeps drinks nice and cold. So not only was our stuff safe and secure on the beach, there were cold drinks waiting for us when we finished our snorkeling. I also love how it comes with optional backpack straps. I actually used it as my carry-on travel bag because the backpack straps made it easy to carry/run through airports with, and the smaller zippered compartment is cleverly placed so that it faces my back when I’m carrying it which made it secure enough to keep passports and money there. I would also lock the main compartment with the zipper lock so I never had to worry about someone getting into the bag while it was on my back in a crowded place. One slight downside was that the side water bottle pocket wasn’t quite big enough to put a 1 litre sized bottle of water, just a 500ml – but that is probably because I had the bag crammed full. This bag can hold a lot – a full set of snorkel gear, beach towels, etc. yet it still has a sleek enough design that I could carry it into a nice restaurant without it looking unattractive. I chose a black one since the design is unisex. I could not be happier with this Cool Bag – from now on I would not travel without it. I also found the customer service at this company to be very good, and it shipped pretty quickly. Overall I highly recommend this product. Happy beaching!

– Drew, Vancouver, BC Canada

18 January 2016

This is my dream vacation.. A safari! You will see me here one day carrying my CoolBag.  When Clay and I got married it was in the winter and we did it right after work. We were anxious to tie the knot and begin our lifetime adventure together. We didn’t go on a honeymoon right away because let’s face it.. we were too busy building our life together! We have been talking about slipping out here and there to do some special things together and now it’s time.. and just in time comes the cool bag! As soon as I looked as I unboxed it I thought Wow! This is perfect for our quick little Day trips which is what we are all about – We love Zoos, adventure and just all kinds of critters! Perfect for packing some nice clothes for dinner, a bathing suit or even lunch as it has a ice pack as well! I used to fly a lot and I think this is true of most people that travel they learn quickly get a nice carry on bag and don’t pack so heavy it just makes traveling so much more fun. The CoolBag is an approved carry on! – If I decide I want to hop on a plane this is better soooo much better than any luggage bag I have had it’s bright so I can spot it if I decide not to carry it on.. it has a lock system which you can register in case you are in another state etc.. and need that combination! Also- so many compartments. Fancy resorts used to be my thing and there are lots of spots for bathing suits, towels, and you won’t feel embarrassed at an 5 star resort with these beauties. Okay.. now that I am in “farmer mode” in life … I have another use for these too.. In the back of my van for groceries as we travel and have to bring our food home in coolers, or this is great for Auctions when I am stuffing my fruits and vegetables into all the CoolBags I can to keep up with my husband who is bidding like crazy to get good deals. – And if I am not using my bag for all that.. I always have a big bag filled with my crocheting, upcycled fashion, or just gifts and presents for family! So many uses. This is what I would call a lifer bag.. You just need one. There is so much more to this bag I just can’t keep you here all night but what I can do is to tell you to order one for everyone in your family and you will kiss me years later and say Thank you Ruthie that is one of the best investments I made!

– RuthE, New York

1 January 2016

We absolutely love our CoolBag! We have two young kids, and finding a stylish bag to carry all of our belongings that was sturdy, secure, and visually appealing was very hard. CoolBag met all of those needs, and we take it everywhere we go. We can easily secure it to any stationary object, and go on a nice family walk, and when we get back, all of our belongings are secure and safe. We don’t leave home without it. Thanks CoolBag.

– Carlos, Illinois

27 December 2015

“Right up on top there are two sets of handles—one is stitched in, the other is a security cable that makes it totally secure, that’s actually my favorite feature of this bag. It’s security on-the- go.”

– Cory Bergeron – Infomercial Star – TheBigPitchTV.com

10 September 2014

“There is a pocket for everything in this bag, including a built-in cooler”  “A custom gel pack fits neatly in the bottom of every bag. It really is cool.”

– Kevin Harrington – Original Shark on the ABC Hit TV Series Shark Tank

31 May 2015

I use my bag as a diaper bag.  It is a lot sturdier than most bags, let alone diaper bags.  It has tons of compartments to store everything I need for the baby.  Plus it is big enough to carry toys for big sister, and drinks for older siblings.  It does get a little heavy with the cooler full of drinks, but the straps are never uncomfortable.  I love my bag.  I am getting another one for a close friend who is retiring and will be doing some traveling soon.  Can’t wait to see where she takes her’s!

– Kim, Colorado

26 May 2015

Took my CoolBag to Aruba in April of 2015. We love to walk on the beach, but were always so fearful to leave our belongings. In the past, a lot of time was wasted going back and forth to the room, so nothing of value was left at our chairs. This year was different! We had such peace of mind as we walked the beach because we placed everything in our bag and then locked it to a palopa. Sometimes we were gone for as long as an hour and each time we returned to our spot, everything was safely locked inside our bag! Plus, because it was bright green, we could spot it right away. The bag is big and roomy enough to load all we needed for the day, including (books, iPad, phone, keys, etc). We would pack bottles of cold water and throw in some ice for a cold drink when we returned. I will never take another trip without my CoolBag!

– Sue, Illinois

10 May 2015

“I have backed many projects on Kickstarter, but the most satisfying of all is the CoolBag.  I think you have really thought it through with every aspect.  The bag is just amazing…Security, number of compartments, key chain holders, bottle holders, magazine compartment, backpack, laptop compartment, cooler compartment…You name it, the bag has it.

Quality you can’t beat the CoolBag.  I think you would no doubt be the best project I have backed on Kickstarter.  If in the future you launch any other products, count me in!”

– Chandan, Australia

7 May 2015

“I received my bag very promptly.  Even my husband is excited about the bag.  We are going to Hawaii, where cars are sometimes broken into at trails and parks, so we will lock the bag to the steering wheel!

The CoolBag is exactly as advertised.  The design and the quality are worth the price.  I will be recommending your product and your customer service to others.”

– Jeanne, South Carolina

1 May 2015

“The CoolBag is working very well.  We have used it every day.  It works great!  I saw my friend Matt in Sebastian, FL and his CoolBag came the day we saw him – He loves it too!”

– Bruce, Illinois

26 April 2015

“We took our CoolBag with on vacation, and froze (not solid) our beers in the hidden cooler as we hung out by the swimming pool, well that worked out great because it keeps the entire bag on the inside cool, so that meant my makeup was okay in the 90 degree sun along with our phones. That locking feature truly is an asset while we relaxed and made our rounds around the lazy river we didn’t have to worry about our valuables in the bag; our phones, cash, room keys, makeup.

We have lived a long time and finally someone created a bag that fits our style, thank you!
I’m impressed with the durable design, but still with all the used we are planning to get out of our 3 bags, I’m sure more will be ordered. We have talked to David the creator of the bags and he stated there is more to come!

– Michele, Colorado

21 April 2015

“CoolBag would have been a great asset last year when I took my daughter, a Spanish Major, to Samara Costa Rica to practice Spanish. While there, we met some folks from Durango, CO and I had to sit at the shore while all others partook in splashing in the warm water with warm rain falling. Due to high crime, the locals all recommended to watch valuables like a hawk, so that locking feature with cool bag sure would have been nice!”

– James”D”, Colorado

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