Tips & Tricks

CoolBag Tips

Things to Know

Place your CoolBag on a folded towel to protect from any wet ground.

Keep your CoolBag’s outside cooler opening towards your body when going through any security at a venue.

Use quality ziplock bags if you cannot use the preferred CoolBag’s custom blue ice pack.

Keep your CoolBag tucked underneath your lounger out of the sun to extend your coolness of the cooler.

Check with your local TSA as a frozen CoolBag blue ice pack is acceptable at some locations due to it now being solid and not a liquid for carry on.


To verify your combination is set prior to locking your CoolBag Gen- 1 complete the following.   While the zipper is apart, look down into the opening of the lock to see if the locking bar on the inside of the lock is visible (this is the bar that catches the zipper pull to secure it inside of the lock).  The bar will be unseen if the correct combination is set on the lock. Once you move the tumblers off the correct combination the small bar on the inside of the lock will drop down and come into view.  If you have the tumblers on your desired combination,  and the locking bar is still seen,  the combination you set did not take.  You will need to reset your combination by pushing in the button on the outside of the lock once the current combination is set on the tumblers. Then move the tumblers to the desired combination before releasing the button.